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Telephone Prayer Requests Chapel!

TeleChapel.com &
Telephone Prayer.com
Confidential, Personal &
Private, Online International
Telephone, Prayer Requests Chapel

Call or Phone Us at:

Send Us Your Prayer Need, Worry, Concern or
Heart's Desire for You, Your Spouse, Kids, Family,
Friends or Perhaps a Special Situation...
and Don't Worry, It Rings 5 Times.

Our Full Length Christian Online Church Service:

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Our Short & Serious20+ Minute Church Service:
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24-7, International,
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Christian Church Mass, Worship Service & Holy Communion.

Hello! I'm Rev. "Dr. Ralph" Gabriel Taylor &
Welcome to All of You Folks, of All Nations,
Races, Beliefs, Lifestyles, Needs & Sufferings to

TeleChapel.com,TelephonePrayer.com or TelephonePray.com,
PhoneChapel.com, CallPrayer.com, CallPray.com, CellChapel.com,
CellPrayer.com, CellPray.com &

We Offer a Personal & Special Place for You to
Send Your Private & Confidential, Prayer Requests!
You Can Call or Cell Us with Peace of Mind!
We Respect Your Privacy & So, We Will Not Disturb
You by Answering or Bother You with Return Calls.

Also at TeleChapel, We are Absolutely
Free & Do Not Accept Donations for This Ministry!

Telephone Us in Privacy & Speak Freely with Your
Heart's Concerns. Knowing that We Will Intervene &
Pray Most Deeply, Reverently & Seriously to God.
We Will Caste Out All Infirmity & Wrong.
We Will Ask for God's Almighty, Loving & Healing
Hand to Be Upon You & Yours & Your Situation.
This is as The Holy Spirit Guides Us & According to
God's Will, All in Jesus Christ's Name
God Fill You, Your Brother in Christ, rev. dr. ralph

You Can Also Text or SMS Us with
Your Prayer Requests at
202-422-2624 or at

We Hear & Do Absolutely Pray to God,

Our Heavenly Father for
Every Prayer Request or Message that

You Call, Cell, Satellite, Telephone,
Dial in, Send & Leave with Us!

TeleChapel: International, Private & Confidential, Prayer Requests!
TeleChapel.com,TelephonePrayer.com or TelephonePray.com, PhoneChapel.com, CallPrayer.com, CallPray.com,
CellChapel.com, CellPrayer.com, CellPray.com,
Telephone-A-Prayer.com &

Just Simply Call , Dial, Touch in or Telephone Us at

Leave Your Private Prayer Request or Message,
Easily by Your Cell, Home, Office or Land Line Phone,
Android or Satellite Phone, iPhone or Phablet.

NOTE: No, We Do Not Accept Donations!
Second, Your Prayer Requests are Confidential to You & to Us and So,
We Won't Bother You or Your Privacy, by Answering the
Phone or
Returning Your Telephone Calls:

Be Comforted! We Will Most Reverently & Seriously,
Pray to God, for You &
Your Heart's Desires, Sufferings,
Needs, Special &
Personal Issues,
Your Children, Families,
Friends, Those You Care for & Those Things that
are on
Your Heart, All in Jesus Christ's Name.


We Do Not Accept Donations for Our Online Church Services, Free Bibles or Prayer Requests.
Click On Our Mall * Stores, Shop & Help, at No Cost to You. Merchants Pay Us a Finder's Fee.
We Can Then Donate Profits to Suffering Children & Helping Orgs. Thanks to You!

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We Hope that We are Always Guided by The Holy Spirit &
Yes, We Do Pray in the Same Way that Jesus did.
We Pray by
His Power, According to God's Will & in
His Name, Our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ.

You Can Also Text Us Your Prayer Requests at www.GodText.com.

You Can Call, Phone, Dial, Telephone or Satellite Us with
Your Prayer Needs & Messages Directly at

Leave Your Prayer Request &
We Will Pray for You, Most Deeply &
Seriously, to Our Heavenly Father God, in
The Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your Messsage is Confidentially & Private,
without the Worry a Return Call from Us!

We Will
Help You Out, by Coming Before God &
Intercede & Very Deeply Pray to Our Heavenly Father
for You, Your Family, Your Friends, The Issues or
Situations that You Describe, or are Suffering, Anything
That's On Your Heart, or A Message You Want to
Send to Him or
Something Personal You Would Like to Say to Him:
This is All Guided by The Holy Spirit & Prayed for by
The Power of & in The Name of Our Lord & Living Savior Jesus Christ.

NOTE: Our Ministry is Donation Free to You.

As Usual, Of Course: Your Calls or Telephone
May Incur Sending, Receiving & Carrier Charges.

We're Here,24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, for
of All of
God's People, Families & Children of All Ages, Beliefs, Cultures & Countries

Worldwide, to Receive
Your Telephone, Cell. Satellite or Dial in
Prayer Requests & Burdens, Hopes & Needs for Everyone in All of
Asia, Europe, Africa, North & South America, Iceland, Greenland,
Australia, The Pacific &
Atlantic Islands & All Continents.

The World's Online International Telephone Call, Cell Phone,
Satellite Phone or Dial in a
 Prayer Request Chapel for You &
All God's People in All Countries. Our Ministry Established in 1972